CS GO Android


CS GO Android

Hey guys so the title of this post is cs go android because this is a quick guide on how to play cs go on android using our app or program. Now, even though the program that we made can let you do that, and let’s you play cs go on your android phone it still has some requirements from your phone. And those are atleast 5.4 gigabytes of storage, 2 gigabytes of RAM and a newer version of android kitkat. Other then these specific requirements you will be able to play cs go android in a couple of hours (depends on your internet speed, phone & PC!). But, at the end of the day you get what you want and you can play cs go on your android phone. Now, please do note that you will have the option (when openning the app) to either play with your steam or without. So if you play with, you get competitive like I had but if you go with no you will lose that option. Well, keep that in mind. This is about it for the cs go android you can get it yourself and start playing today from the link which is located below in the download button.


scanSo this is about it for the post & everything.
Enjoy CS Go on your android device thanks to us. :)

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