CS GO bhop script

The CS GO Bhop script

Hey guys and today we will be publishing something different as a tutorial and that will be the
cs go bhop script and tips on how to use it. So, the bhop script that we made has a very simple ui and functions where you just press a button and space (or scroll wheel up), and start bunny hopping on any map. It is very effective on getting place to place, and you can deactivate and activate whenever you want. If you keep bunny hopping without deactivating the script or the tool it will last up to 11 seconds, where when it stops you can just use the cs go bhop script and continue on to bunny hopping. It is essentially a very simple and easy method of getting from 1 point to another in cs go and you can download it from the button which is located at the bottom (or somewhere in the middle) of the post!


cs go bhop script

cs go bhop script

Well this pretty much ends the post of the program or tutorial we just made or came up with. If you got a suggestion, suggest in the comment section below. Also, if you liked this tutorial don’t forget to share it with your friends and also leave a positive like at the landing page of the download where you can get this program and follow the quick tutorial into bhoping in CS GO. Have a nice day everybody.

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