CS GO Knife Hack

Hello people, and today we will be showing you how to get any knife in cs go using the cs go knife hack with ease and the best part is that it works and is very simple! So let’s get into this program guys. It was made quickly (it still took a couple of days), but it was possible because the new system that valve implemented has a very big flaw.

The CS GO Knife Hack

Ofcourse we are not going to share this flaw, but it has given us the possibility to give you 1-5 keys per PC/STEAM/IP (so please don’t over use it). It can generate any type of skin for all the knifes from safari mashes to dopplers. Although, it has very specific time intervals from below 24 hours, 12 and 1 hour. Now with these intervals are the prices of the skins. In the video above we showed example of 1 hour and got a safari mesh. I think this is pretty much enough information about the program, what is left is you to test the cs go knife hack and see what knife you are presented it. And don’t forget not to manipulate it. You can get one for yourself or a friend from the download link which is located below inside the DOWNLOAD button. Have a good day!


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