Facebook Messenger Basketball Hack


Facebook Messenger Basketball Hack

Well folks, we had a ton of requests to make a cheat tool or hack for the new mini game by facebook and we decided to do that and we publish this as facebook messenger basketball hack and I think the name suits the both topic and perspective. You cannot really expect much, but nonetheless still works and has cool features. With the¬†Facebook Messenger Basketball Hack or cheat you can either have auto aim and hit every shot by swiping, or have auto shoot aim which automatically aims and shoots. Now these methods will work until 250 score, and that’s why we also added SCORE modifier which when you use modifies your top or high score and makes it the number you insert into the text box, let’s say the number 348. If you use the¬†Facebook Messenger Basketball Hack with that feature your high score will be set to that which is 348. The apk tool also comes for both android and ios so don’t worry you can use this program to cheat in the game in both systems. Facebook will soon add in more fun mini games into it’s messenger so suggest below the next. But yeah, that’s about if for the hack you can get this program from the download link which is located down this post.


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