LoL hextech Chests hack

Get the LoL hextech Chests hack

guys with this lol hextech chests hack you will be able to get unlimited amounts of chests and even a couple of keys so you can open them and get champions, skins and much more for league of legends. The hack is made possible because the new interface which RIOT announced is really easy to cheat trough it and generate you a hextech chest or a key for it. Well, the LoL hextech Chests hack was and wasn’t so easy to make but at the end of the made we were successful into making it. Although it works, it has a big flaw and that flaw is the fact that it cannot generate more then 1 chest and 1 key in one time. So you will have to click “hack” every time you want another chest or key. Well you can get the LoL hextech Chests hack from the link below.

drgnScan link:

rrttWell that’s about it people! I really hope you enjoyed hacking the game and I do hope that you got a ton of chests and keys and got really beautiful skins. Enjoy and soon we will post one dedicated for keys, so stay tuned!

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