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Hey guys this post shows you how to get pokemon go download for your android or ios device very quickly, although you will still have to wait a short or a long period of time depending on your internet speed. (4 GB) The pokemon go game for android / ios is actually pretty fun and addictive. I do promise you that you will waste 20-100 minutes trying to get the pokemon game with the Pokemon GO Download although it will be worth it because it is extremely fun. Your device will have to have 2 GB of ram (ANDROID), and 1 GB (IOS), have a decent chipsent and also have a newer version of kitkat (android), and ios 5. Passing trough these requirements, and the 4 gigabytes it needs, that’s all you need to get it. Well, I Guess that is about it and you can download POKEMON go from the link below.

Download POKEMON:
A virustotal scan link will be available shortly after it is done uploading. Sorry for the delay.

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