Restore deleted facebook messages

How to restore deleted facebook messages

FB EmojiHey people and today I will be presenting you with a method on how to restore deleted facebook messages the best way. So this tutorial or method is all trough the program that we’ve made. And that program is called FB Message restorer. So it’s self explanatory.The restore deleted facebook messages program is smart. You first download it from our site, open it up and type in your e-mail that you want to restore deleted messages from. Next, you select where the current account is logged in, if your logged in your BROWSER choose PC, if on your android then obviously ANDROID, and if on iOs choose iPhone. Once this part is done the program will try to detect the account and the device or browser. After this process is done as well, you type in the name and sirname of the person you have deleted messages with. And the restore deleted facebook messages program will do it’s thing and it will make a folder on your desktop containing a text file. (.txt) And inside will be a log of the messages you’ve had with the person from the start. It only shows the most recent date, but it shows the time of every time you’ve messages the person so you should be fine! You can download the restore deleted facebook messages program from the download button below!

ajaaThanks for coming, and we do hope that you’ve restored the desired deleted facebook messages! :)

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