TF 2 Items Hack

The TF 2 Items hack

tf 2 items hack

tf 2 items hack

Hello guys and welcome to this post where I show you how to generate Team fortress 2 items for free from 1 – 100 dollars value. Of course these items will be tradable. Using our glitch, the hack that we’ve made tricks the Valve system and bypasses the steam community market so it makes it seem as you’ve bought the item but you actually haven’t. That’s why you have to wait 1 week for the item to be tradable, like you actually purchase it with your money while you haven’t. Now please use this hack for a couple of items only and no more value then 100$ because we do not want Valve to patch this. Bigger items being stolen in a way using this method from the community market will cause a problem and, they will write tickets and restore their items. That’s why it is better 3 x 35$ items and you have them forever in your account tradable / marketable and you can do whatever you want with them. You can download this tf 2 items hack and test it yourself from the download button below, including a scan link as well!




VIrusTotal Link



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